Teaching is a useless term

Brad Matthews education category

Beginners need to know that teaching isn’t a thing you do to someone else. Rather, learning is something that you MIGHT, if you’re lucky, get to assist with.

Sandra Dodd

Learning is driven by nobody else but the individual learner themselves. Teaching on the other hand, has no clear definition. You can explain, recite, demonstrate, diagram, illustrate, define or whatever else to try to communicate an idea to someone. You can put the information and ideas out there, but with no interest, inclination and desire to know it, the ‘recipient’ does not learn. Even with all of those things plus a burning passion people don’t always learn. Learning happens as a result of the work the learner does processing and understanding the ideas you have put forth. ‘Teaching’ doesn’t cut it as a useful term because there’s no guarantee anyone will learn, yet it implies there is a learner.

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