Never Assume People Know Who you are

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I checked the letterbox as I headed out for a walk yesterday and saw a business card.

I thought that was a strange place for a business card, flyers yes but the occasional business card that comes in the letterbox seems out of place to me.

Anyway I picked it up and looked at it.

First thing I noticed was the photo of a guy and his role: Sales Consultant.

“Sales consultant for what business” I thought to myself.

I turned it over twice in my hand trying to find out.

There was his photo, his role, his contact details and a logo that I didn’t recognise.

The back just had a bunch of numbers for different locations.

So I figured it was a franchise of some sort.

But I was floored that no where on the card it explained what he does, what the company does or anything.

I showed it to my mother, she thought about it and said half-recognised it as ‘maybe’ a real estate agent. Turns out, thanks to a Google check, she was right.

The business card was not well designed, it wasn’t minimalist or sleek. They could have easily put “Real Estate” on the card.

Why didn’t they?

I suspect they just assumed everyone would know who they are.

That kind of thinking is deadly (not to mention awfully presumptuous).

I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I didn’t recognise them. I’m sure at least a few others in my street would have had no idea as well.

The point of this tale?

Make sure to always give the required information.

Think about your copy—will it leave readers understanding what you do and for whom, or will it leave them scratching their heads?

Post 11/30 (30 day blogging challenge #2—writing quickly) [9 minutes 31 seconds]
I know I’ve missed two weeks in here (although some of my 30 posts have gone on UnschoolHQ). My lack of organisation in my work and personal life got to breaking point and I needed to remedy that (blog post to follow). My 30 days resumes today.

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