What I’ve Learned During My Praxis Internship

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Since starting my apprenticeship at Practice Paradox in January I have:

— Created the content for our new service — The Modern Marketing ImpleMENTOR. This involved learning about and synthesising information on:

  • content marketing
  • copywriting
  • business strategy
  • SEO
  • social media publishing and advertising
  • CRO
  • website optimisation and analytics
  • lead magnets
  • business automation tools
  • email segmentation campaigns
  • sales process documentation
  • handling sales meetings
  • tracking sales pipelines
  • onboarding new members

— Learned the basic principles of design and how to apply them in terms of:

  • Negative space and text-background balance
  • Constrasting colours and font styles for header and body fonts
  • Text margins / padding
  • Alignment principle

— Improved my copywriting after understanding the importance of focusing on the benefits of a product. Benefits being how a product can help to improve someone or solve a problem. This is radically different to focusing on the ‘features’ which are less direct in terms of ‘what’s in it for me’. Basically this means not talking about the product and what it does, but what it can help clients to achieve.

— Facebook and Twitter advertising. I have created several campaigns although they are currently unpublished while we build pages and funnels to direct opt-ins through.

— Created sales pages for each of our services as well as the content outlines for the videos. I used optimise press for this but with Divi 3.0 we may end up transplanting the content onto pages created in Divi.

— Put together lead magnet eBooks based on the content in ImpleMENTOR as well as a set of blog posts by MC. I designed the cover and edited the content to present in pdf format nicely.

— Set up our events page using a somewhat difficult plugin. It was worth it though, it beautifully displays and details our upcomming and past events.

What I struggled with most

Definitely writing articles for our article service.

I have a huge problem with writing engaging content in a conversational tone that’s interesting to read. My brain is wired to be direct, purposeful and specific in what I say. Unfortunately, this happens to make for overly technical and boring content. I find it particularly difficult and unnatural trying to fluff it up with borderline whimsical and flowery language. That fine balance of ‘compelling and descriptive’ while still being direct and communicating a coherent idea is still out of reach for me.

The coming months

My next project will be working on our sales funnels. This will involve setting up processes to attract opt-ins to lead magnets, which then trigger email drips to tripwire offers, which trigger further email offers for our primary services and so on. A fantastic resource that outlines this idea better can be found on digitalmarketer.com

Part of this will involve creating these lead magnets and tripwires. Most of the current ideas for these involve leveraging content we already have which will make this process quicker and easier.

* * *

This post serves as a guide for myself to refer to when filling out my ‘projects’ page in the near future. I will include links, images and more information there — this is just an overview.

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