Learning: The Cure to Feeling Down

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Sometimes I just feel a bit shit.

It’s caused by nothing in particular.

Not even a combination of factors.

Sometimes I just feel averse to working. I find particular tasks dreary when I ordinarily find them pleasant or neutral.

It often gets worse to the point where even the thought of having to do ‘work’ puts me off.

And so I put stuff off.

I figure I’m feeling that way for a reason. I think about it. I can’t really put a finger on what’s wrong. Everything feels stale and stagnant. If I work when I feel shit, won’t I do poor quality work?

So I decide to wait it out.

And then I feel even more shit cos I didn’t get much done that day.

But over the past few weeks I’ve learned something.

Whenever I feel down or ‘over it’, I can hit up Google, YouTube, Udemy, DigitalMarketer.com — anything like that.

I just need to learn something.

And then I’m revitalised.

Refreshed and restored.

If I then implement what I learn I’m over the moon and charged up for several days.

What’s the point of all this?

These days a lot of people say “be careful you don’t consume so much that you don’t create or ship anything”.

And that’s good advice, I generally lean toward the slight over-consumption side of things in my personal life. And the price of that is paid in forgone productivity.

But when it comes to work, I had a messed up mindset.

I thought everything had to be production and any consumption had to be utterly crucial for the production of something, or else that was time wasted.

And it can be if it’s too much.

But consumption, learning, growing, developing are essential to the process of creating and producing.

Next time you feel off and can’t bear the thought of doing work and can’t work out why, try learning something. It works for me.


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