Want Kids to Value Learning? Model it Yourself

Brad Matthews education category

If you come home and plop yourself in front of the TV, what does that teach your kids?

If you watch only ‘reality TV’ and fictional shows, what will your kids come see as the purpose of TV?

If all you do is hang out on social media, what use do they think the internet is for?

If you have access to the sum total of human knowledge in the palm of your hand but only ever use it for entertainment, what do your kids learn about 1) what you value and 2) what these tools are for?

If you tell your kids to go to school, to try hard and learn, but never engage in learning yourself, what message does that send?

It shows you don’t really believe what you’re saying. You’re a hypocrite.

If you want your kids to see learning as interesting, important, fun and worthwhile, you have to start learning yourself.

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