July PDP Overview

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I am working on a number of activities this month in my personal development as part of the Praxis program and my work at Practice Paradox.

The largest aspect of my PDP is to create a series of 10 sales pages (one for each service). I am using OptimizePress and LeadPages templates to handle most of the layout, but writing the copy and sourcing, organising and optimising the images and icons myself. I will use my knowledge of OP (LeadPages is rather expensive), if I continue working towards my unschooling website/service goals (in particular, defining my aims) over the coming months.

I am also working on an events page to display our calendar of public and members events.  The events page requires wrangling an uncooperative plugin, however it is visually stunning. It lists events complete with featured images, descriptions, event information, calendar links and more. I can see myself using this particular plugin (EventOn) in the next year or two on my own sites. Its presentation is incredible and, now that I’ve managed to work out all the complex settings, think it would suit my unschooling site well.

Smaller PDP Elements

I will be creating the bio page for my personal website, to communicate myself to new visitors. This includes a responsive pane featuring photos of myself, a short bio and a showcase of 3 pieces of work. However, the ‘template’ I chose is not WordPress based. Although some codework will be necessary to get it working nicely – I think I’m up to this challenge.

Other aspects of my July PDP involve creating a bio page for the CEO’s profile at work. While I won’t be writing the bio, I will be handling putting the design into practice. This means repurposing a template or designing a WordPress page myself. This will extend my design skills which I am developing in order to build my own websites in future. I also want to understand the elements of design more deeply for my role creating ads and visually appealing content to be shared online.

To develop my writing I will also write an article to send to the Praxis team for review and feedback. One of my main goals is communicating more effectively both in spoken and written form. Being a better writer means being able to better communicate the value of myself and my services. That plus I’d like to get published by other organisations to help with traction.

Stay tuned for my PDP wrap up at the end of the month. I’ll talk about what I’ve learned and how each of these tasks turned out!

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