Higher Ed Hoop Jumping is Not Education

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Assignments are devoid of value

During Uni I created dozens of ‘resources’ and ‘lesson plans’ for course assignments. I even received good grades for most of them. However, I’d never use any of them in the classroom. I wouldn’t dream of using them with real kids—they were crap. I recognised that at the time, which is why I stopped putting in effort early on. Higher Ed ‘assignments’ are just fake crap designed to signal that we have met the requirements, without actually producing anything usable.

As Mitchell Earl noted about his time in college (post not published), the incentives for assignments are messed up. Students chase good grades. There’s no reason to worry about creating something valuable and useful to yourself or anyone else. You don’t get marks for that and you have a finite amount of time to allocate. Other assignments or leisure takes precedence over continuing to work on an assignment that are already in the D or HD range.

Uni is about fulfilling the criteria outlined in the marking rubric. It’s not about producing something for real people to see, use or consume.

This is not education

This is glorified hoop jumping in an artificial environment entirely disconnected from the real world. It isn’t just teaching degrees where this occurs. It’s all of them.

Why would anyone who doesn’t need a degree for entry into a cartelised field such as med or law choose to hamper themselves with this?

There’s crushing debt, 4 years of opportunity cost and counter-productive mindsets that will make you a less valuable employee than peers who have a head start on learning to deschool.

Opportunities abound for creating real value and working in the real world. Businesses are desperate for people capable of creating real products, services, copy and design content. Why isolate yourself in the bizarro world of Higher Ed when it is only going to stunt your ability to create real value for real people? You don’t need a degree and you don’t need anyone’s permission. Start building and working on cool stuff right now for use / consumption by actual human beings.

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