Dropshipping Side Project Plan: Day Zero

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In yesterday’s post I outlined my plan to start a droppshipping gig (it feels wrong to call it a business).

My plan is to have it up and running August 1st.

Maybe I could do it quicker—from what I’ve read it isn’t too difficult or time consuming.

But in my 18 months working for PARADOX, I’ve also learned how crucial it is to have everything you could possible need or foresee 100% ready to go BEFORE purchasing anything.

That means no Shopify + plugs, no web domain—until I have all the website, email and Facebook collateral completed.

Otherwise I’m burning money.

I like money too much to do that.

So here’s my 23-day plan for getting this set up and running.

Day 1-3: Identify at least 3 potential niche markets by checking out Amazon/eBay categories and researching via Google (I’m giving myself 3 days because I will be spending 90%+ of my waking hours working on our Marketing Masterclass these next few days).
Day 4-5: Pick one to start with, choose a domain name, research AliExpress items that I’d like to include in my store. I’ll still be travelling so I’m okay with keeping it slow here.
Day 6-10: Create content for the website (a few information pages about the niche that are valuable to those interested). Start reaching out to manufacturers and getting them on board re: dropshipping. Create Paypal business account.
Day 11-13: Creating marketing and email collateral.
Day 14-16: Setting up Mailchimp with created emails.
Day 16-20: Setting up Shopify, buying plugins plus the domain name, while importing all the content I’ve created.
Day 21-23: Setting up Facebook ads in Power Editor and launching.

I’m feeling pretty good about this, happy to have a plan and it all seems quite achievable even with a hurdle or two.

I’ll update again in a few days about the niches I’ve chosen and how I decided on those.

I really feels energised to be working on a project again after too long of a hiatus from UnschoolHQ.


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