The Other Benefit to Daily Walks

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A few days ago I wrote about the benefits of walking daily.

In that post I focused on the productivity benefits, getting stuff out of my head, planning work, getting more done, making more money.

All good things to be sure. But there are other benefits too.

There’s the obvious health benefit of getting out and moving—being active despite my sedentary lifestyle.

There’s the sunlight benefit which I hadn’t realised was so important until I walked for a few days and now feel much better internally. I wasn’t depressed before but now after walking for a few days I do feel significantly happier.

I already knew about the forest/nature bathing effects—whereby when 30% or more of your vision is nature (trees in particular) it has a calming effect. But it’s undeniably present within me now.

I now sleep easier, better, quicker at night—a huge plus.

My thinking is sharper, my reasoning more sound, and I’m quicker off the mark.

All due to walking for 45-90 minutes a day and the assortment of effects that has had on my mind and body.

This has become a powerful success ritual of mine and I plan on maintaining it for the rest of my life.

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