Attitude and Mindset: Make or Break Traits

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There’s no factor so powerful at influencing us and our ability to succeed than mindset.

I believe there’s no greater asset in life and business, than a belief in one’s self and the attitude that you alone are responsible for—and have the power to shape—your future. Nobody owes you anything, the ball is entirely in your court. It’s up to you to make it happen.

It’s in-part an entrepreneurial mindset, and partly a positive outlook on life which people tend to gravitate toward and admire. It’s also a healthier attitude than demanding from others while oozing hopelessness, and accomplishing nothing.

In those cases, the opposite is true.

There’s nothing so destructive as the belief that everything’s shit and will always be shit. That you’re powerless and ‘acted upon’ rather than the actor—the driving force. It’s as defeatist and soul crushing as it is self-fulfilling. Victim mindset is utterly poisonous because it justifies following the path of least resistance drearily into the grave. To accept mediocrity instead of directing those feelings toward a productive end is to guarantee nothing will change.

Look at successful people. The rich, the famous, the unsung heroic figures in your personal life who’ve got their shit together. It doesn’t matter who they are, what they thought before, or whether they relapsed later on. In order to make a positive impact, they had to have the mindset that they could act to change something. They had to feel empowered. They had to have the drive to get off their arse and do something.

Mindset shapes character

I think mindset might be one of the most impactful factors on our character. This is important because it’s how we present ourselves to the world. If you see yourself as a helpless victim, changes are everyone else sees you that way.

But there’s one silver lining. The opposite is also true.

It’s sad and tragic that people grow up seeing themselves this way and have it reinforced by those around them. However, the prevalence of these limiting beliefs also means the bar to stand out is quite low. If you give half a shit and show up, you’re already ahead. Give a full shit or two and you can really shine. People will take notice.

Give a shit, go do awesome shit. Get shit done.

Only you can stop you.

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