About Me

Brad Matthews

Brad Matthews is an aspiring entrepreneur always looking for new opportunities to develop his skills and build on past experiences. Brad wants to enjoy the work he does, feel good doing it and know that it is meaningful and valuable. His primary area of entrepreneurial interest is education.

Brad is currently studying with Praxis where he will complete a series of self-directed educational, social and personal development activities on a monthly basis. Part of the program involves working with a partner business to gain work related skills and experience. Brad will be completing his placement with Practice Paradox, beginning by building a web service to educate business owners on how to stand out from the crowd and maximise productivity and efficiency.

You can reach him at bradjamesmatthews [at] gmail [dot] com

Brad’s Story

During 2014 and 2015 I worked as a primary school teacher on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. While attending university, I had innumerable issues with the school system and the philosophy of education which underpinned it. After graduating I realised I could not reconcile my personal values with controlling and coercing kids. As I continued to read more and understand how people learn it became increasingly clear that school is the antithesis of an inspiring, beneficial and positive learning environment.

So I applied to Praxis – an entrepreneurship program based in the US. I was accepted and since November 2015, have been getting the experience I wish I had received at university. I am learning from and interacting with a lot of great thinkers who strive to put what they learn into practice and create value on a daily basis. I am also working with a great partner business doing work I find truly purposeful and worthwhile. This page will tell you more about my partner business, what I am doing and why I enjoy working there so much (link coming). Praxis has had a radical impact on my attitude, happiness and sense of fulfilment since the day I found their blog. These posts contain more about the events in my life which lead me to apply to Praxis.

Education and learning will always be my passion. However, I realise that if I want to help improve the lives and learning experiences of others in any meaningful way, I will need to work outside the traditional school system. Which is precisely what I am working on right now!

My personal interests include learning economics, alternative education and self-directed learning (pursuing passions and interests), archery, entrepreneurship and innovative technologies.

My short-medium term life goal is to purchase several acres of land a few hours from the city and build an underground home to live and work online from. Eventually I’d also like a family and proper house above ground – all in good time.